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Treatment for Hypertensive Nephropathy with Creatinine 6.0

2015-11-08 14:28

Most of patients with hypertensive nephropathy are experiencing high creatinine level. Patients with high creatinine level often displayed symptoms of headache, fatigue, skin itching, high blood pressure and muscle cramping.

Hypertensive Nephropathy is a medical term referring to gradual kidney damage due to longer term of chronic high blood pressure. Long term of high blood pressure gives much pressure to normal tissues and cells around the kidneys gradually, as a result, the filters which are responsible to eliminate wastes products and toxins in the body will be damaged. The damaged filters can not work well, which makes lots of wastes products and toxins build up in the body and useful substances, such as red blood cells and proteins accumulate in the body, leading to high creatinine level and proteinuria.

At present, treating hypertensive and reduce high creatinine level would be attract patients’ much attention.

In the first place, dialysis may be recommended for patients suffering from high creatinine level. And dialysis do takes highly effects in reducing high creatinine level, but dialysis makes patients often experience many its adverse effects, such as muscle cramping, fatigue and headache. And dialysis is just a replacement of 10% kidney to eliminate wastes products and toxins, which makes the rest of the toxins and wastes products build up in the body, making further damage to the kidneys.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a series of natural treatments have been put forward based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most famous therapy in the world, more importantly, this therapy has gained much prominence in the world, many patients have chosen it in the wide range of kidney disease treatments. This is a therapy combing with osmotic machine and Chinese herbal medicines. With the purpose of improving its efficiency, the Chinese herbs are needed to be refined into powder. Through a way of extending blood vessels and activating blood circulation, the diseased kidney cells and tissues can be repaired gradually, so as to reduce high creatinine level fundamentally.

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