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Can Rheumatoid Cause Kidney Failure

2013-05-29 11:37

Can rheumatoid cause kidney failure? Rheumatoid indeed affect kidney if not treated well. Kidney problem caused by rheumatoid can be called rheumatoid nephritis which is marked by symptoms like fever, joint stiffness, redness of joints, swelling of joints, bubbly urine, microscopic hematuria, frequent urination at night and high blood pressure.

How does rheumatoid affect kidney?

Rheumatoid is a chronic joint disease that may affect the whole part of our body, including the lungs, heart and kidneys. Rheumatoid affects kidney mainly in the following several ways:

1. Rheumatoid vasculitis

Rheumatoid affects kidney through different ways and rheumatoid vasculitis is one of them. Rheumatoid vasculitis causes swelling of the arteries and can cause damage to organs in the body, including kidneys.

2. Medicines

Rheumatoid patients need to take medicines to deal with their illness condition and some of these medicines like Minocycline and Cyclosporine may affect kidney, causing kidney problem and even kidney failure. For this reason, it is of great importance for rheumatoid patients to follow their doctor’s direction while taking medicines.

Treatment for kidney failure caused by rheumatoid

Getting rheumatoid controlled is the key point to prevent kidney problem, but once kidney failure is unfortunately diagnosed, medical treatment will be urgently needed.

As for the treatment, Immunotherapy is recommended. Immunotherapy is not a simple medication, but an effective combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine. These medicines show different effects in kidney failure and they are used in different stage. In this treatment, western medicines are used to control symptoms, so as to chive the purpose of slowing down illness condition. But for Chinese medicines, they play the role of improving kidney function.

For patients with kidney failure caused by rheumatoid, they also need to get their rheumatoid under control, as it is the primary cause of kidney damages. As long as root causes are controlled and kidney function gets improved on the basis of this, patients get good recovery.

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