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Will Lupus Cause Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-06-10 09:57

Will lupus cause chronic kidney failure? Lupus is a name given to an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system attacks normal and healthy tissues. Lupus may involve all the body systems like joints, skin, blood, heart, lung and even kidney. Therefore, for people with lupus, they run a certain risk for chronic kidney failure.

Learn About Lupus Kidney Disease

Kidney problem caused by lupus can be called lupus kidney disease or lupus nephritis. It is life-threatening, as it can progress to end stage kidney failure if left uncontrolled.

Causes: Chronic Kidney Failure is deadly and refers to the progressive loss of kidney function. Well then, how does lupus affect our kidney? Clinical experiments reveal lupus patient’s B cells are over-active, which can lead to the production of multiple autoantibodies like antinuclear antibody, anti-dsDNA antibodies, anti-histone antibody, anti-RNA antibody and anti-sm antibody and so on. These antibodies combine with corresponding antigen and form immune complex which circulate with blood and may deposit in any part of the body. In chronic kidney failure caused by lupus, kidney damages are formed when immune complexes deposit in kidney tissues and trigger inflammation which can help to clear immune complexes away and also can cause damages on surrounding tissues.

Symptoms: Timely diagnosis and treatment play a crucial part in preventing kidney failure. Since lupus patients are at a higher risk for kidney problem compared with healthy people, they should be pay close attention to themselves to see if they are suffering from some abnormal symptoms that might be caused by lupus kidney disease. Generally, they are suggested to go hospital for examination about their kidney once noticing there is swelling, as well as protein and blood in urine. Also, checking blood pressure regularly is beneficial, as lupus kidney disease can elevate blood pressure directly.

Treatment for chronic kidney failure in lupus

For people with lupus kidney problem, only treating kidney damages is far from enough. To bring illness condition under control and avoid further kidney damages, they need to have a tight control about primary illness, say lupus here.

In clinic, many medications can be used to treat kidney problem like immunosuppressive agents, antihypertensive drugs, Monoclonal Antibody (McAb) and so on. These medicine show quick treatment effects, but disappointedly, the treatment effects are temporary. Once patients reduce dose or stop taking medications, illness condition relapses easily. To avoid reoccurrence of kidney problem, lupus patients can try some Chinese herbs like micro-Chinese medicine(see video about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy). Compared with some western oral medications, Chinese herbs work slowly, but they can help to normalize and strengthen immune system, as well as clear immune complexes away from kidney, which is very essential for putting chronic kidney failure under control. 

There are different treatment methods on the basis of specific illness condition, so it is necessary to know well about the illness before choosing the right treatment. Lastly, we offer online service here and if there is anything unclear, please feel free to consult our consultant online.

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