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What Causes Renal Failure

2013-06-11 11:38

What Causes Renal FailureWhat causes renal failure? Renal failure is the worst consequence of kidney problem. In some cases, patients are told protein in urine is the cause of their renal failure and in some cases, patients claim they do not the causes of their renal failure at all. It is unscientific to treat kidney problem without founding out its causes, because as long as the root cause is not removed, kidney problem will be always there and renal failure is finally caused. This is the reason why so many patients suffer from renal failure finally, even if they have taken tons of medications which actually only help them to control symptoms and fail to treat kidney damages from the basis. Well then, what causes renal failure on earth?

The number one cause of renal failure- Diabetes

Renal failure is the final result of kidney disorder and for patients, the cause is usually different from case to case. According to clinical statistic, Diabetes is the number one cause of renal failure and about a half of patients who need dialysis have diabetes as the underlying cause for their renal failure.

The second leading cause of renal failure-Hypertension

Hypertension is the second leading cause of renal failure. Kidney problem caused by Hypertension is clinically called Hypertensive Nephropathy which attack patients usually 10 years after the diagnosis of Hypertension.

Inflammation in kidney

Inflammation in kidney affects surrounding kidney tissues and thus cause kidney damages. Immunosuppressive agents are usually applied to block inflammation and slow down illness progression, but unfortunately, these medications can not help to prevent renal failure effectively.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease can be shorted as PKD. It is a genetic kidney problem and passed down from generation to generation. As of now there is no such a medical technique that can help to remove the abnormal gene. It can not be cured and progresses to renal failure easily.

Immune diseases

Some immune diseases like IgA Nephropathy, Lupus and purpura also can cause renal failure.

Other causes of renal failure

Aside from the above causes, some other illness or conditions like urinary tract infection, kidney infection, kidney stone, drugs and dehydration also can cause renal failure if not treated properly.

In clinic, almost all the renal failure patients will experience proteinuria which actually is a clinical manifestation of kidney damages, not the cause of it. Renal failure is life-threatening, so founding out the root cause of it is the basis for patients to choose right treatment.

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