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Will Multiple Kidney Cyst Cause Kidney Failure

2013-06-15 09:29

Will multiple kidney cyst cause kidney failure? Multiple kidney cyst means there are numbers of fluid collection in kidney. It is an kidney abnormality, so many patients wonder if this will bring them kidney failure.

People with multiple kidney cyst may experience completely different life. And this deeply depend on the specific illness condition.

Multiple kidney cyst and Polycystic Kidney Disease

Both Polycystic Kidney Disease and Multiple Kidney Disease are marked by numbers of cyst in kidney. Polycystic Kidney Disease s a genetic kidney problem, so many people have the misconception that they will certainly not suffer from polycystic kidney problem if they have no family history. However, the fact is about 10% PKD patients have no family members suffering from this problem and they have never heard about this illness before the diagnosis.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is incurable and progress to kidney failure with the increase and enlargement of kidney cyst. Since both PKD and multiple kidney cyst are characterized by lots of cysts in kidney, so some patients may be misdiagnosed with multiple kidney cyst when they are affected by PKD. In that case, patients run a high risk for kidney failure.

Enlarged Kidney Cysts

Whether multiple kidney cyst will cause kidney failure or not also depends on the exact cyst condition. In some cases, patients with multiple kidney cyst complain their cysts become larger and larger, and they even can feel the hard mass under the abdomen with hands. Enlarged kidney cyst put pressure on surrounding kidney tissues, and this may lead to kidney damages. Usually, the larger and more the kidney cyst becomes, the serious the kidney damages and the more likely that patients suffer from kidney failure. Therefore, for patients with multiple kidney cyst, it is necessary for them to put the cysts under observation, so as to know if they are enlarging over time.

Though multiple kidney cyst patients are running certain risk for kidney failure, it is very possible for them to avoid this deadly illness with timely and effective treatment. Surgery and Chinese medicine are the two most commonly used medical treatment for cysts in kidney. They treat multiple kidney cyst in different ways and also show different treatment effects. If you are interested in these two treatment methods, you can leave message to to get detailed information.

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