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Will Hepatitis B Cause Renal Failure

2013-07-05 12:17

Will Hepatitis B Cause Renal FailureWill hepatitis B cause renal failure? As for this questions, I have to say Yes. Hepatitis B can cause hepatitis B virus associated glomerulone nephritis (HBV-GN) which may progress to renal failure finally.

How does hepatitis B cause HBV-GN?

HBV-GN is characterized by the three major antigen of HBV which are referring to HBsAg, HBcAg and HBeAg in mesangial area and glomerular capillary wall. These deposition cause inflammation in kidney which can damage surrounding kidney tissues and thus cause impairment of kidney function.

How does HBV-GN cause renal failure?

Renal failure refers to the final stage of various kidney diseases. For people with HBV-GN, inflammation damage kidney tissues and affect kidney function. If this condition can not be stopped in early stage, more and more kidney tissues will be injured and kidney function become poorer and poorer. Finally, when kidneys fail to adequately filter waste products from the blood, renal failure is formed.

What are the symptoms of HBV-GN?

For people with hepatitis B, the following symptoms can help them to have a timely diagnosis and treatment about HBV-GN.

1. Bubbles in urine: In clinic, HBV-GN is usually manifested as Nephrotic Syndrome which is marked by lots of protein in urine which shows as bubbly urine in our daily life. For hepatitis B patients, if they found there are lots of small bubbles in urine, they should be alert about HBV-GN.

2. Swelling: swelling is another visible symptoms of HBV-GN. It usually occurs in eyelid, face, inside of ankle and limbs firstly and spread to whole body if not treated timely.

3. High blood pressure: High blood pressure occurs in some cases of HBV-GN, so if hepatitis B patients found their blood pressure increase suddenly, they should realize they are probably running risk for renal failure.

4. Microscopic hematuria: Diagnosis of microscopic hematuria is based on microscope.

Hepatitis B can cause renal failure, so it is necessary for people with hepatitis B to take some measures to protect their kidneys in advance.

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