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Blood And Protein In Urine With Kidney Cyst

2013-07-14 15:18

Blood And Protein In Urine With Kidney CystWhat does it mean when a kidney cyst patient is told there are blood and protein in urine? Does it mean kidney damages? If yes, will it cause kidney failure?

Kidney cyst is a common kidney disorder in which a fluid collection is formed in kidney. In clinic, no treatment is needed when cyst is much smaller and meanwhile causes no side effects, but patients need to put close eyes on it. However, for large kidney cyst, it oppresses surrounding kidney tissues, which can lead to decrease of kidney function. Therefore, if the cyst is much bigger ( >3cm), surger or other treatment methods will be needed to avoid unnecessary kidney problem.

Normally, blood and protein can not be detected in urine unless our kidneys are injured. Kidney is bean-shaped organ with multiple functions. One of the major function of kidney is to filter blood, during which protein and red blood cells are prevented from being leaked into urine and kept in the body. This is the reason why no blood and protein can be found in urine in normal condition. However, when kidney tissues are injured seriously and kidney fails to function properly, excess protein and red blood cells will leak into urine, causing proteinuria and blood urine.

Kidney cyst is one of the causes of blood and protein in urine, so it is necessary for kidney cyst patients who are told to have blood and protein in urine to have further tests to see if their kidney function is impaired. (If you want to get more information about tests for kidney damages, please leave message to In addition, with kidney damages caused by kidney cyst, aside from protein and blood in urine, patients may also experience elevated blood pressure, back pain, fatigue, swelling and so on.

Besides, although blood and protein in urine can be caused by kidney cyst, not every kidney cyst patient with protein and blood in urine definitely has kidney damages. Aside from kidney problem, many other medical conditions like urinary tract infection also can contribute to these urine changes. Therefore, it is necessary to found out the root causes firstly and then take corresponding measures.

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