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Renal Failure In Women Age 20-30

2013-08-18 09:45

Renal Failure In Women Age 20-30Women in their 20s-30s cares more about love and marriage and other beautiful things in life. It is extremely depressed and desperate for them to be diagnosed with Renal Failure which is fatal and torturous. Well then, what causes renal failure in women age 20-30?

For women age 20-30, they may suffer from renal failure due to different factors or illness. Today here we will give an introduction about the several causes of renal failure in them:

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic Kidney Disease, also known as PKD, is a disorder of renal cyst formation. It is marked by numerous cysts in both kidneys. Polycystic Kidney Disease usually occurs when patients in their 20s; but in some cases, due to the poor control, bad living habits and bad living environment and so forth, PKD may occur when they are still in childhood. In such a case, if kidney cysts can not be controlled effectively, their illness will develop to kidney failure stage when they grow up to age 20-30.

2. IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy may occur in persons of all ages and is more common in young adults. IgA Nephropathy is a kidney problem caused by deposition of IgA immune complexes in the glomeruli. It causes no obvious symptoms or discomforts in early stage. For this reason, IgA Nephropathy develops to kidney failure stage easily.

3. Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder marked by a group of symptoms like proteinuria, swelling, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidaemia. It occurs easily in children and young adults, so Nephrotic Syndrome is also regarded as a possible cause for women age 20-30 to develop renal failure.

4. Goodpasture’s Syndrome

Goodpasture’s Syndrome is another cause for renal failure in women age 20-30. It is kidney problem that affects mostly young men, but also occurs in women, children, and older people. People with Goodpasture’s Syndrome may rapidly progress to the renal failure.

Renal failure is the worst kidney condition. It always occurs as a final consequence of Chronic Kidney Disease or Acute Kidney Disease. Therefore, any kidney problem can be the cause for women age 20-30 to suffer from renal failure.

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