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Others cause Kidney Failure (Renal Failure)

Knowledge on other causes of kidney failure, such as Hypertension, Nephritis, etc, how those conditions cause kidney failure and ways to prevent, etc.

Will Hypertension Lead to End Stage Renal Disease

Hypertension is characterized with increasing arterial pressure, in fact, hypertension has close relation with kidney disease. Patients with persistent high blo...Read More

Can Urinary Tract Infection Cause Kidney Failure

Some people with urinary tract infections worry about that can it lead to kidney failure. If you happen to suffer from this, take it easy, you are not alone wit...Read More

Can Hypertensive Nephropathy be Treated without Hormone

Hypertensive Nephropathy is the most severe complication of high blood pressure. Hypertensive Nephropathy is the primary factor to threat patients life. In the ...Read More

What is the Life expectancy of Alport Syndrome patients

Alport Syndrome is a genetic disease and the most common clinic symptom is the blood urine. Accompanied with nerve deafness and vision lesions, patients suffer ...Read More

Difficulty in Breathing with Lupus Nephritis: Causes and Treatment

How terrible difficulty in breathing is! Some people with lupus nephritis complain they are experiencing this problem. Here we will introduce the causes and tre...Read More

Lupus Nephritis Stage 4 Prognosis and Treatment

Lupus nephritis is one of the most serious complications of lupus and it can be divided into five stages. Here we will talk about lupus nephritis stage 4 progno...Read More

Chinese Herbs for Lupus Nephritis: Thunder God Vine

As a patient with Lupus Nephritis, have you ever been treated with Chinese herbs? Thunder God Vine is native to China, Korea and Japan and has been used in Asia...Read More

How to Do with Leg Cramps in ESRD Patients on Dialysis

Leg cramps in ESRD patients who are on dialysis treatment may have serious consequences. Leg cramps can be painful and this may impact quality of life. If you h...Read More

Horseshoe Kidney: Cause, Symptom, Complication and Treatment

Horseshoe kidney refers that the two kidneys are fused together at the lower end or base, because they form a U shape, we call it horseshoe kidney. According to...Read More

Six Diet Tips for the Patients with Lupus Nephritis

Now, more and more people are suffering from lupus nephritis that is an immune disease caused by SLE. And the patients may have a series of symptoms and complic...Read More