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Others cause Kidney Failure (Renal Failure)

Knowledge on other causes of kidney failure, such as Hypertension, Nephritis, etc, how those conditions cause kidney failure and ways to prevent, etc.

Lupus Nephritis Cause Renal Failure

Lupus Nephritis, as its name implies, refers to kidney problem resulted from years of and uncontrolled lupus. Similar with other kidney problems, Lupus Nephriti...Read More

Renal Failure In Women Age 20-30

Women in their 20s-30s cares more about love and marriage and other beautiful things in life. It is extremely depressed and desperate for them to be diagnosed w...Read More

Treatment Principles For Glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis is a kidney disorder in which glomeruli are injured due to immune inflammation. Inflammation exists and keeps damaging surrounding glomeruli ...Read More

Blood And Protein In Urine With Kidney Cyst

What does it mean when a kidney cyst patient is told there are blood and protein in urine? Does it mean kidney damages? If yes, will it cause kidney failure? Ki...Read More

Will Drinking Excess Water Every Day Cause Kidney Failure

Will drinking excess water every day cause kidney failure? We know injured kidneys can not bear heavy burden, and high fluid intake will increase kidney burden,...Read More

Will Hepatitis B Cause Renal Failure

Will hepatitis B cause renal failure? As for this questions, I have to say Yes. Hepatitis B can cause hepatitis B virus associated glomerulone nephritis (HBV-GN...Read More

Can Dehydration Cause Kidney Failure

Can dehydration cause kidney failure? I am afraid the answer is YES! Dehydration indeed can cause kidney problem which may finally progress to kidney failure. W...Read More

How Does Nephritis Cause Renal Failure And How To Treat It

Nephritis is one of the leading causes for renal failure which needs patients to do dialysis or kidney transplant. To get prevent renal failure effectively, it ...Read More

Will Multiple Kidney Cyst Cause Kidney Failure

Will multiple kidney cyst cause kidney failure? Multiple kidney cyst means there are numbers of fluid collection in kidney. It is an kidney abnormality, so many...Read More

What Causes Renal Failure

What causes renal failure? Renal failure is the worst consequence of kidney problem. In some cases, patients are told protein in urine is the cause of their ren...Read More