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Treating Kidney Disease from the Perspective of Chinese Medicines

2012-12-22 10:17

Weather it is Chinese therapy or western therapy, they all have their advantages and disadvantages in treating kidney diseases.

Compared with western therapy, Chinese therapy has its drawbacks such as slow effects on acute heart failure, infections and severe hypertension, but it has far more advantages over western therapy for treating kidney failure before it enters into end stage. Chinese medicines can alleviate clinical symptoms, slow down illness progression of kidney failure and improve life quality.

What is more, the side effects of Chinese medicines are much less than that of western medicines. Nearly all western medicines have more or less side effects, however the majority of Chinese medicines have no side effects if taken with the appropriate method and dosage under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine practitioners.

The following are the curative effects of Chinese medicines in treating chronic renal failure.

1. Improving kidney functions. Some Chinese medicines such as cordyceps sinensis can improve kidney functions by improving blood circulation, alleviating hypercoagulable state and promoting absorption of fibrous tissues.

2. Diuretics. There are many Chinese medicines that have the diuretic effects such as grifola, tuckahoe, rhizome alismatis, plantain, money grass, lobelia, etc. They can increase blood flow and glomerular filtration rate and at the same time reduce re-absorption of the renal tubules so as to increase urine volume.

3. Immune regulation. Chinese medicine thunder god vine can inhibit the formation of immune complexes and alleviate glomerulonephritis.

4. Improving renal excretion functions. Chinese medicines can increase the excretion of blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine and other metabolic wastes and toxins so as to alleviate azotemia.

However some Chinese medicines do have renal toxicity and some can even cause acute renal failure. Therefore it is very necessary to consult professional doctors before taking any Chinese medicines to ensure effectiveness as well as safeness.

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