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Why Chronic Nephritis Is Easy To Relapse

2018-09-04 09:56

Chronic Nephritis,RelapseThe reasons of chronic nephritis is easy to relapse including treatment, diet and daily attention. In terms of treatment, some patients did not receive regular and effective treatment, but used some drugs with kidney toxicity, not only spent a lot of money wrongly, and some even aggravated kidney damage, leading to the stage of renal insufficiency.

Some patients simply use some symptomatic treatment drugs such as hormones and immunosuppressive agents, then treatment may be effective, but because of the failure to fundamentally treat chronic nephritis, no repair of damaged kidney inherent cells, kidney damage continues to exist, after a period of time will recur, in short lead to chronic nephritis The main reason for repeated attacks is improper treatment.

Research finds kidney difficult to treat

Current studies have found that kidney disease is difficult to treat because of the persistence of hypersensitivity, which occurs in kidney organs because a large number of immune complexes and foreign bodies similar to immune complexes are deposited in kidney organs.

Immune complex is produced because of the immune deficiency of the body and repeated attacks on the body by foreign bodies in vitro. Therefore, in order to prevent the recurrence of chronic glomerulonephritis, the most important treatment is to use integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, through the Gushen Peiyuan, nourishing blood and promoting collaterals, balancing yin and yang, bidirectional regulation of the body's immunity, repair of kidney cells and inherent cells. Organization.

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