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Can You Drink Soda If You Have CKD

2013-07-23 13:54

Can You Drink Soda If You Have CKDCan you drink soda if you have CKD? Right beverage helps to reduce kidney burden, remit illness condition and improve kidney function. Whereas, improper drinks worsen kidney condition and accelerate illness to kidney failure. For this reason, knowing what to drink with CKD is very important. Well then, can people drink soda with CKD?

For healthy people, drinking some soda is beneficial as some kinds of soda are said to be able to prevent kidney formation, so drinking soda regularly is kidney-beneficial to some extent. However, this does not mean CKD patients can drink soda casually. A study in National institutes of Health shows that people who drank more than two dark sodas per day are more likely to develop kidney disease. For CKD patients, their kidneys have been injured and kidney function have been impaired. In such a condition, it is necessary to adjust drinks to avoid further burden or damages on kidney, so as to delay or stop illness progression.

Kidney is the organ that helps to excrete excessive minerals in the body, so ingesting too much sodium, potassium or phosphorus will increase kidney burden and cause kidney damages. In our daily life, there are different kinds of soda with different ingredients. Some of them are high in various minerals like potassium and phosphorus. For CKD patients, if they drink too much this kind of soda, their kidney burden will be increased, which is extremely bad for them to get their illness controlled.

Though soda is not beneficial for CKD patients in some ways, it does not mean all the CKD patients must stay far away from this kind of drink. In some cases, patients may be allowed to drink soda and this is closely based on their specific illness condition.

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