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Stage 3 Chronic Renal Failure Life Expectancy

2013-01-16 10:06

Kidney failure can be divided into 5 stages by calculating the patient’s GFR. In stage 1 and 2, the patients’ kidneys are mildly damaged and in stage 4 renal functions are severely affected and patients will begin to prepare for dialysis or kidney transplant. And stage 5 is the end stage and most advanced renal damages.

So we can see that stage 3 is the middle stage and there are moderate decline of GFR and moderate renal damages. Stage 3 renal failure actually can be further divided into 2 stage---stage 3A and stage 3B.

Stage 3A: GFR is 45-59mL/min

Stage 3B: GFR is 30-44mL/min

When GFR is higher than 50, patient’s life expectancy will not be directly affected by renal failure itself or the affect is not that much because our kidneys have great compensatory functions and 50% normal kidney functions can ensure basic physiological needs of the body. That is why a healthy person can lead a normal life without worrying that their life expectancy will be shortened after they have donated one of their kidneys.

When GFR continues to decline and is below 50, patients should seek timely and effective treatments even when they have no obvious symptoms and discomforts. Because this stage is very crucial for reversing renal damages and protecting renal functions. Stage 3 renal failure patients still have a great chance to improve their kidney functions.

Usually renal failure is not the cause of death for many patients. Renal failure will cause a series of disorders and complications in other systems and organs especially cardio-cerebrovascular complications which pose great threaten to patients’ life expectancy. Therefore patients should pay enough attention to these complications and seek timely and proper treatments when they occur.

So we can see that the exact life expectancy can not be told because many other factors need to be taken into accounts such as what is the underlying cause of renal failure, age, gender, patient’s compliant with the prescribed medicines and treatments.

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