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Plasma Exchange for Lupus Nephritis with Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2014-05-18 20:12

Lupus Nephritis with stage 3 kidney failure means your kidneys get moderate damage, and some excruciating symptoms begin to occur. Besides it is a key time to treat. While plasma exchange for lupus nephritis with stage 3 kidney failure is a good treatment. Next, let us know about this therapy how to treat the disease.

We all know that all the kidney diseases will definitely cause blood contamination. So does lupus nephritis. To treat lupus nephritis from root, it is vital to clean the blood. Plasma exchange is exactly the way to clear the harmful and toxic substances away from the blood. The basic principles of this therapy are as following:

1. Divide blood into plasma and hemocyte.

2. Cast plasma with toxin substance and then replace it with equal amount of displacement liquid. Commonly, it is plasma from normal person.

3. Import hemocyte and plasma displacement liquid together into patient’s body. Plasma can reduce much of toxin in the blood and clean macromolecule of protein such as allergen, autoantibody and fat or water soluble drugs, etc. It can also clear out metabolic poisons of micromolecule. Therefore, the clearance rate of plasma is much higher than dialysis, hemofiltration and blood perfusion.

As plasma exchange for lupus nephritis can clear some direct pathogenic factors, it often can receive unexpected effect which we can’t reach by oral medicine or mainline of immunosuppressor. Not only cleaning blood, this therapy can also supplement necessary substances such as albumin, blood coagulation factors, etc.

After plasma exchange, the toxins and infected cells in blood can be excreted out successfully, which can provide a good environment for kidney repair. Once the kidneys are repaired, the symptoms such as blood urine, edema can be alleviated or even reversed.

If you want to know more about plasma exchange for lupus nephritis or more treatments in our hospital, please contact us online or send us an email to, and we will reply you in detail as soon as possible.

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