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What Does It Mean with GFR 35 and Edema in Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2014-06-02 10:35

GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is an important index to tell the kidney functions. Is there a kidney disease patient around you is suffering from GFR 35 and the symptom of edema? What does it mean? And what should you do under this condition?

What does GFR 35 mean?

There is a standard number with GFR, which can show the kidney functions. If you or your beloved one has found the symptoms of swelling, proteinuria or blood urine unluckily, you had better test your kidney function to know the stage of your kidney disease. The following is the chart of the value of GFR.

From the above chart, we can tell that GFR 35 means you have developed into moderate fall in FGR, that is to say, about half of your kidney functions have been lost.

Edema in kidney failure

Edema, the common symptom in kidney disease, many patients will suffer from it during disease. The patients with this condition can experience fatigue, pale face, shortness of breath etc. The impaired kidneys fail to produce EPO which can stimulate the production of red blood cells. In addition, the dangerous levels of wastes in body can shorten the life span of red blood cells.

What should I do with GFR 35 with the symptom of edema?

Maybe many patients will choose dialysis to help them improve kidney functions and relieve the symptoms they have. Unluckily, more and more patients are explaining that there will be some complications happening during dialysis or after. Luckily, in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, some natural therapies can help patients repair kidney damage and increase their immunity and then improve their kidney function and GFR 35 can be increased to some extent.

Our therapies include Hot Compress Therapy, Immunotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, foot bath, medical bath and blood purification. These therapies use natural ways to help patients repair kidney damage and rebuild kidney structure, their kidney functions will be improved from root. One point I can ensure is that patients’ clinical effects are good, and patients are very satisfied with our treatments.

What does it mean with GFR 35 edema in stage 3 kidney failure? I believe you have known it by and large. If you are looking for an alternative therapy for your kidney failure, contact us, we will help you with our best. Good luck!

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