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Diet For Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2013-06-12 11:48

Diet For Stage 3 Kidney FailureWhat is the diet for stage 3 kidney failure? What foods we can and can not eat with stage 3 kidney failure? Chronic Kidney Failure is an illness that can involve all the body system, especially when it runs to end stage. For stage 3 kidney failure, though it is not as serious as end stage renal disease, it may cause abnormalities in other tissues or organs. Due to the difference of illness condition, stage 3 kidney failure patients need to make different diet changes. This is the reason why we can not find an exact food list that is suitable for all the stage 3 kidney failure patients.

For patients with stage 3 kidney failure, their diet is strictly based on their illness condition. And the followings are the tips that can help patients to make right changes about their diet:

1. Try to limit protein intake in 0.6grams per pound of body weight a day, and this is helpful for a tight control of proteinuria.

2. Add less salt while cooking; otherwise, symptoms like high blood pressure and swelling will be aggravated.

3. Know how much fluid is allowed every day. Only stage 3 kidney failure patients with swelling symptom need to adjust their fluid intake and exact amount depends on many factors like severity of swelling and daily urine output (you can consult our consultant online for proper fluid intake)

4. Check your test report to see if your serum potassium and phosphorus level in the normal range. With stage 3 kidney failure, patients are more likely to have elevated potassium level and phosphorus level in blood. If lab tests indeed show high levels of potassium and phosphorus. Some foods like banana, white beans, dried apricots, yogurt, salmon, parsley, chives, longans, dried coconut, avocado, spinach, swiss chard, mushrooms, kale, brussels sprouts should be avoided. (Leave message to to get high potassium food lists and high phosphorus food lists)

5. Pay attention to the calcium level and vitamin content in the body. Both calcium and vitamin are necessary nutrition for a healthy body. Because of serious diet limitation, stage 3 kidney failure patients may not be able to ingest enough calcium and vitamin through foods. For this reason, patients need to pay extra attention to their vitamin and calcium level and try to eat more foods rich in calcium and vitamin. In addition, if necessary, patients can take some calcium supplements and vitamin supplements.

Lastly, diet plays an important part in the treatment for stage 3 kidney failure, but it is not all that they can do. To get a good control and stop stage 3 kidney failure from progressing to stage 4, protecting residual kidney tissues from being affected is very essential.

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