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What Is Stage 3 Kidney Failure Prognosis

2013-06-15 13:58

What is stage 3 kidney failure prognosis? Prognosis refers to the possible outcome of an illness condition or situation. For patients with stage 3 kidney failure, they may develop kidney failure within several years, several months and even several weeks. Also, they may manage their disease very well and live a very long and good life. Therefore, the prognosis of stage 3 kidney failure varies very much from case to case.

Factors that can affect stage 3 kidney failure prognosis

For an individual with stage 3 kidney failure, many factors can accelerate or cause acute progression of illness condition. The following are the most commonly seen factors:

1. Cold and infection which not only cause acute kidney failure, but also cause relapse of kidney problem for these who have brought their illness under control.

2. Persistent high blood pressure and high blood sugar

3. Poor control of kidney failure complications like proteinuria and anemia.

4. Improper diet. It will increase kidney burden and cause further kidney damages

5. Drinking alcohol and smoking without restraint

6. Staying up all the night and being exhausted frequently.

Ways to improve stage 3 kidney failure prognosis

To get stage 3 kidney failure prognosis improved, there are many things need to be done:

1. Bring blood pressure and blood sugar into normal range, as both high blood pressure and high blood sugar can cause kidney damages directly.

2. Taking medicines regularly to reduce protein in urine, which is essential for stop stage 3 kidney failure.

3. If you are suffering from anemia, Erythropoietin therapy and iron replace ment therapy will be helpful. In addition, if illness condition can not be alleviated effective with these therapies, blood transfusion will be needed.

4. Talk with your doctors to know what foods you can eat and what foods you can not eat. (You may be interested in diet for stage 3 kidney failure)

5. Prevent cold and infection actively. You can have physical exercises regularly, which will increase your immunity and help to prevent cold and infection.

6. Quit bad living habits like drinking alcohol and smoking

7. Have a good rest and develop regular and good living habits

8. Be in good mood and be optimistic

If there is anything unclear or you have further questions about stage 3 kidney failure prognosis, please feel free to consult our consultant online. If he is too busy to answer your questions, you can leave your problems to We will try to help you solve the problems and give a reply within 48 hours.

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