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Can I Stay At Kidney Failure Stage 3 Decades

2013-06-17 17:14

Can I stay at kidney failure stage 3 decades? This is a question from a 34 years old lady who is told to have stage 3 kidney failure. Dialysis and kidney transplant are the final choices for patients with completely failed kidneys. For many elders with end stage kidney failure, they would rater die than undergo torturous dialysis. Therefore, how long can a person live before illness progresses to end stage kidney failure become a concern. Well then, for people who are diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure, can they keep their illness condition there for decades? As for this questions, I’d like to answer in the following.

Stage 3 kidney failure is not severe enough to deprive patients’ life immediately, but serious enough to bring them bothersome symptoms like high blood pressure, fatigue, poor appetite, fluid retention, increased urine output at night, blood urine, sleep problems and kidney pains and so on. Tight control of these symptoms will help to improve their life quality, life expectancy and slow down illness condition. However, as a matter of fact, many patients have a poor control about these symptoms, which finally lead to the acute progression of illness condition.

For an individual with stage 3 kidney failure, more than a half of their kidney tissues have been damaged. Under such a condition, the residual kidney tissues have to work very hardly to replace the dead kidney tissues to work. It is ok for them to live with such a heavy burden for a short time. But when this condition lasts for a long time, these residual and healthy kidney tissues are damaged easily and kidney disease progresses.

For the above presentation, we can know clearly about that if patients want to stay at kidney failure stage 3, they must have a tight control about all the symptoms and at the same time protect their residual kidney tissues from being affected.

Currently, there are so many medicines can be used to treat Chronic Kidney Failure and some of them indeed show good treatment effects. Therefore, it is possible for one to stay at kidney failure for decades. But to achieve this goal, he needs to choose the right treatment or medicines and avoid various factors that may cause progression of illness condition.

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