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Symptoms and Signs of Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-07-22 14:34

Chronic kidney disease can be divided into 5 stages according to the glomerular filtration rate. In the former 2 stages, patients with CKD usually have no any specific symptoms and even do not know they have CKD unless they are in the stage 3 with GFR of 30-59ml/min. Patients with stage 3 CKD will occur some specific symptoms and signs which I will tell you in details as follows:

1. High blood pressure and swelling

The function of kidneys is to excrete fluid out of our body and keep the balance of water and electrolyte. When patients are in stage 3 CKD, their kidneys have lost the function to keep the balance of water and electrolyte. Therefore, excessive fluid and sodium and other electrolytes will not be excreted effectively. Retention of sodium and fluid in the body will cause swelling in the eyelids, face, hands, ankles, legs and even the whole body and also escalate the hypertension. We also should know high blood pressure is related to hormone secretion disorder.

2. Vomiting and nausea

The dysfunction of kidneys will not excrete wastes and toxicity out of the blood. The accumulation of waste products from your body will make you feel sick.

3. Skin itching

In stage 3 CKD, patients have lost the function of excreting wastes and toxicity out of the blood. This is one of the reasons of skin itching. And another reason is allergic to some medicines. Besides, one more reason can lead to skin itching. It is the imbalance of calcium which will deposit on the surface of skin. Under this circumstance, it will produce much more parathyroid gland. All of the reasons will lead to skin itching.

4. Anemia

Stage 3 CKD patients often feel tired and fatigue which is mainly caused by anemia. In human body, there are red blood cells which carry oxygen to the body cells. However, affected kidneys lose the function of secreting one hormone called erythropoietin which is responsible to promote the bone marrow to produce enough red blood cells, leading to low red blood cell account in blood. Insufficient red blood cells will lead to shortness of blood and oxygen. In these cases, patients with stage 3 CKD will always feel tiredness.

5. Backache or flank pain

Patients with stage 3 CKD will feel backache or flank pain which may caused by other kidney disease such as polycystic kidney disease and kidney stones, kidney infections, bladder infections or medullary sponge kidney. As to polycystic kidney disease which cause large, fluid- filled cysts on the kidneys and sometimes the livers, it can cause pain. What about kidney infections and kidney stones? They can also cause severe pain, often in spasms. Finally we talk about bladder infections. Bladder infections can cause pain when you urinate.

6. Urinary changes

The patients with stage 3 CKD have the abnormal urination. Patients may urinate frequently at night and urinate more or less. Some patients’ urination will have blood and foamy. The bubbles can not disappear at a short time. And the color of urination become dark orange ,brown or tea colored if there is blood.

All of the above are the symptoms that patients with CKD stage 3 may experience. Although these symptoms occur due to impaired kidney function, some of them in turn worsen kidney condition and accelerate illness condition to kidney failure stage. Therefore, it is necessary to bring these symptoms under control effectively. (For detailed information about how to control symptoms of stage 3 CKD, please leave message to or consult our consultant online directly)

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