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Treatments Of Patients With Stage 3 Kidney Failure

2013-08-22 15:04

Patients don’t feel obviously uncomfortable in the stage 1 and stage 2 kidney failure. In stage 3 kidney failure, they may start to have obvious discomfort. Generally speaking, when people are diagnosed as kidney failure, they usually have been in stage 3 kidney failure. Stage 3 kidney failure is not very severe. Through the daily diet and treatment, it can be controlled and it can be stopped, so it is important for patients to have a timely diagnosis of stage 3 kidney failure and receive treatment as soon as possible.

Patients with stage 3 kidney failure may experience some experiences, such as:

* fatigue: patients with stage 3 kidney failure often feel tiredness or weakness. Due to the damage of kidney, hemopoietin decreases, leading to the decrease of red blood cells. This is the reason why they feel tired often.

* fluid retention: because kidney function is impaired in stage 3 kidney failure, kidney fails to discharge excessive fluid out the body. This can cause swelling in eyelids, ankles and legs.

* urination changes: patients may find that there are lots of foams in the urine or the color of urine has changed. Besides, they may go to urine more or less than usual.

* sleep problems: it is hard to sleep well for patients with stage 3 kidney failure.

These symptoms can help them to know kidney failure and then be careful to receive treatment in time.

Dietetic treatment: In daily life, patients with stage 3 kidney failure should not eat the food with high salt and sodium, such as pickles, bacon, potato soup, cheese sauce, sliced ham, etc. Also, they need to ingest protein 0.6-0.8g per kilogram of body weight per day. Eating high quality protein foods is better, like fish, lean meat and egg white. If their lab test shows that their body contains higher levels of potassium or phosphorus, they need to limit the intake of potassium and phosphorus. They can eat the foods like apple, rice, tofu and pumpkin. They must make a reasonable diet plan according to their health condition.

Medical treatment: In many cases, patients develop stage 3 kidney failure due to diabetes or high blood pressure. These two diseases may worsen kidney failure, so they need to treat diabetes and high blood pressure actively. Many oral medicines can be used to deal with elevated blood pressure and blood sugar.

Through dietetic and medical treatment, stage 3 kidney failure can be stopped or delayed from progressing to stage 4 kidney failure.

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