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Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF)

Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF) is moderate decline of kidney function with Glomerular Filtration Rate of 30 to 59ml/min. In most cases, symptoms of kidney diseases start to become present in this stage. This is a crucial stage for treatment. Active treatment and lifestyle changes could help to preserve renal functions and delay the progress, but in poorly treated or controlled cases, it may deteriorate into Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure.

How to Prevent Stage 3 Kidney Disease Deteriorating Into Stage 4 Kidney Disease

How to prevent stage 3 kidney disease deteriorating into stage 4 kidney disease? This is connected with every patient with stage 3 kidney disease. In fact, this involves many things, such as life style, diet and treatment, etc. Next, we wil...Read More

Can High Creatinine Level Be Lowered in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Stage 3 kidney disease means that your kidneys are damaged seriously, and your Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) can decrease to 30-59ml/min. Usually, at this time, a series of symptoms will appear, and creatinine level will rise quickly. Bu...Read More

The Best Natural Treatment for Swelling in Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Is there a best natural treatment for swelling in stage 3 kidney disease?Many patients with stage 3 kidney disease often have the symptom of welling in legs, eyelids, ankles, etc, which affects their life severely. But because western medic...Read More

What Will Happen If I Eat Bananas Too Much with Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Many patients with kidney disease are warned to not eat bananas, but they do not know why. What will happen if I eat bananas too much with stage 3 kidney disease? Maybe many patients with stage 3 kidney disease are eager to know the answer....Read More

Can the Patients with Stage 3 Kidney Disease Eat Cucumber

Cucumber is one of green vegetables, and planted widely around the world. It can be eaten raw, such as salad, and it also can be cooked to eat. It is not only rich in nutritions, but also quenches our thirst. But the patients with stage 3 k...Read More

Can I Avoid Dialysis with Creatinine 4.5 in Chronic Kidney Failure Stage 3

If you are suffering from creatinine 4.5 now, you must be eager to know the effective treatment to lower the level of creatinine. Maybe the local doctors will suggest you receiving dialysis. However, dialysis will bring some side effects to...Read More

Cold Medicine for Someone with Stage 3 Renal Failure

Once cold happens, the condition may relapse and some certain symptoms reoccur or to be worsened. So kidney disease patients are commonly suggested to try their best to avoid colds. Now you can follow us to learn more about cold medicine fo...Read More

Stage 3 Kidney Failure Prognosis without Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

How about the stage 3 kidney failure prognosis? Can patients at this stage live a life without dialysis and kidney transplant? Well, we have to say the answer is yes. The following information about how to improve stage 3 kidney failure pro...Read More

Recipes for Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Diet plays such an important role in controlling chronic kidney disease (CKD).The diet varies from individual to individual. Here are the recipes for stage 3 kidney disease. Protein restriction Protein is an important mineral in body. It ca...Read More

Food to Avoid for CKD Stage 3

When you have CKD stage 3, it is important to know what your diet and nutrition goals are. A healthy diet could help slow the progression of the kidney disease and improve the quality of life. Here follow us to know more about foods to avoi...Read More

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