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Is Cranberry Extract Good for Stage 4 Renal Failure

2013-11-04 11:44

Is Cranberry Extract Good for Stage 4 Renal Failure, Cranberry Extract, Stage 4 Renal FailureWith the progression of kidney disease, it seems that more diet suggestions are needed. It is true that reasonable and healthy diet can help relieve some symptoms, protect kidney function and slow down progression towards kidney failure to a certain degree. Is cranberry extract good for stage 4 renal failure?

Stage 4 renal failure is the second advanced stage of chronic kidney disease, it means the severe reduction of kidney function. Due to the impaired kidney function, some symptoms or complications will appear at this stage. Doctors will give their patients corresponding diet suggestions according to these symptoms and the results of their lab tests. Whether is cranberry extract included in the recommended food list?

That depends on whether is cranberry extract good for stage 4 renal failure patients. Cranberry extract is a powerful cleanser of the kidneys. It helps remove excess water from the organs via kidneys and helps break down the fatty tissue in the body. Moreover, cranberry extracts prevent the adhesion of bacteria on the epithelial cells of the kidneys, thus helping prevent kidney infections. Also it can reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Yes, cranberry extract is good for stage 4 renal failure patients, but patients must talk to a doctor before using them to cleanse kidneys. However, not every kidney disease patient is suitable to take cranberry extract. Stage 4 renal failure patients with diabetes or who are taking certain blood-thinning medicines are not suggested to have cranberry extract.

Patients with stage 4 renal failure should know that it is impossible to reverse the condition through healthy diet only. To repair kidney damage and recover renal function play the decisive effect in reversing the condition. Though stage 4 renal failure is severe, the application of Chinese medicine in treating kidney disease makes dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer the only choice. And we hope every kidney disease patient could live a normal life without dialysis and kidney transplant. If you need diet suggestions and natural ways to recover renal function, you can choose to email to or leave a message below, our experts will surely reply you within 48 hours.

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