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How to Improve Prognosis of Stage 4 Renal Failure

2013-11-06 11:00

Prognosis of Stage 4 Renal Failure, Stage 4 Renal FailureHow about the prognosis of stage 4 renal failure and how to improve it? If you are suffering from stage 4 renal failure, follow us to find the answer and we do believe the following information can be helpful.

How about the prognosis of stage 4 renal failure?

Stage 4 renal failure is the second advanced stage of kidney disease. A person with stage 4 renal failure has the advanced kidney damage with a severe decrease in glomerular filtration rate (GFR) level to 15-30ml/min. In many countries, patients with stage 4 renal failure will need dialysis or kidney transplant in the near future.

One prognosis of stage 4 renal failure condition is that the disease gradually develops end stage renal disease with the decrease in kidney function and then patients have to undergo dialysis or receive kidney transplant to maintain their life. However, another result is that stage 4 kidney failure can be gradually reversed, which avoids dialysis and kidney transplant effectively.

How to improve prognosis of stage 4 renal failure?

-A healthy diet is necessary and important. It can help relieve symptoms, protect kidney function and slow down the progression of condition to a certain degree. If you are lack of related suggestions on stage 4 renal failure diet, you can leave us a message below or email to to tell us more about your condition, our experts will surely send you back.

-An efficient treatment plays the most important role in improving prognosis of stage 4 renal failure. A therapy which is able to repair kidney damage and recover renal function can be counted as the efficient one. Also the safety must be guaranteed. Click here Stage 4 Kidney Failure Treatment without Dialysis and Kidney Transplant.

-Keep a good mood and be optimistic about life. That is the most efficient treatment for any kind of diseases. What do you think?

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