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Treat Stage 4 Kidney Failure with GFR 17 and Not in Dialysis

2014-01-05 19:41

Stage 4 Kidney Failure, GFR 17, dialysisNot all patients with stage 4 kidney failure have to take dialysis treatment. Nowadays, dialysis or kidney transplant is no longer the only choice for patients. Also it is a fact that no one wants to take any one of them. If you are suffering from GFR 17 and have not been on dialysis yet, what treatment can help you manage the condition well? Follow us to find the answer.

GFR 17 means the condition is already in the late stage 4 kidney failure, which means the severe kidney damage. If there are no any obvious symptoms or complications and you still can produce some certain urine amount, then dialysis treatment can be postponed. If wanting to avoid dialysis effectively, you must choose a proper therapy which can deal with the problem from the root.

Follow us to see why more and more foreign patients come to try Chinese therapies. Perhaps they can also become your treatment options. Chinese therapies treat any diseases from the root and they treat human body as a whole. They have been used in the clinic for thousands of years. Now we have to say the applications in treating kidney disease really bring patients new hopes.

There is no doubt there are some abnormal items showed on patients’medical reports, which tells the blood has been polluted. Various of Chinese therapies including circle therapy, medicated bath, hot compress therapy, herbal enema and herbal feet bath can help draw out wastes and toxins with their own special functions. If necessary, advanced blood purification techniques like plasma exchange, immune adsorption, hemofiltration, etc will be used to eliminate the middle molecule toxins and macromolecule ones. In a word, to cleanse the blood is something urgent.

Then oral Chinese herbal medicine can enhance immunity, hot compress therapy is mainly used to repair kidney damage and recover renal function, acupuncture and moxibustion can support qi, nourish blood and adjust immune system. After systemic Chinese therapies, patients are expected to notice the increase in GFR and renal function.

As a stage 4 kidney failure patient who are not on dialysis, if you are interested in Chinese therapies, we are here offering you more to help know more about this treatment, and you just need to leave us a message below or email to, we are glad to help.

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