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Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure : Are Black Soybeans Good for Kidneys

2014-01-07 22:00

Are Black Soybeans Good for Kidneys, stage 4 chronic kidney failure, black soybeansStage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure patients have to been on a healthy and reasonable eating habit as their kidney functions have been already impaired severely. However, are black soybeans good for kidneys? Follow us to find the answer in the following information.

Are black soybeans good for kidneys?

Soybeans are the only common plant food that contain complete protein. They also contain carbohydrates and fat, which together with complete protein represent the three macro-nutrients required for good nutrition. Soybeans also contain folic, iron and calcium. Because soybeans are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, they are a healthier source of protein than some more common alternatives.

According to Chinese food therapy practices, black soybeans have been said to promote good kidney and spleen health, nourish yin. They can promote blood circulation, possess some diuretic action, dispel pathogenic wind and remove the poisonous quality of any substances. So black soybeans are good for patients with stage 4 kidney failure.

Can diets only treat stage 4 chronic kidney failure?

We have to say they can not. Though black soybeans and many other foods are good for kidneys, we have to admit that the kidney damage and impaired kidney function have already existed and only diet is not enough to manage them.

Then how to treat stage 4 chronic kidney failure?

There is no doubt that to make kidneys work normally again by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function is the best way. Have you already been on dialysis treatment? You are welcomed to tell us more about your condition by leaving us a message below or emailing to, then our experts offer you some other treatment options used in other countries to help you manage your condition.

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