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Stage 4 Kidney Failure: Restless Leg Syndrome with Dialysis

2014-02-12 00:24

In stage 4 kidney failure, patients are usually recommended to undergo dialysis. During the course of the treatment, restless lags syndrome may come into being. In this article, we mainly introduce the causes and managements.

Based on the GFR level, CKD is divided into five stages. And stage 4 kidney failure indicate kidneys have been damaged severely and the GFR value is 15-29ml/min. As an alternative therapy, dialysis is commonly used to create a favorable internal environment by excreting metabolic products, toxins, excess fluid out of the body.

According to the statistics, RLS can occur in any age, and the incidence of restless legs syndrome in dialysis patients reaches up to 20%-40%.

What are the causes?

Frankly speaking, the onset of restless legs syndrome with dialysis in stage 4 kidney failure is a result of multiple factors. And factors including shortage of iron, accumulation of the macromolecule toxins, hyperthyroidism, etc are related to this distressing problem. Besides, diabetes, tobacco products, coffee, type of dialysis and so on may worsen the condition.

People with restless legs syndrome may experience severe insomnia, in this way, their life quality is impaired greatly.

Are there some effective treatments?

Blood-purification technique

To eliminate the toxins(micromolecule toxins, middle-sized substances, macromolecular toxins) effectively and reduce the effects on nerve system, blood-purification technique is highly recommended. Such as, plasma exchange, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, CRRT and so on. Which technique is suited for your condition? Our Free Help will always be here for you.

Supplement of iron

To improve the sleep quality and relieve RLS, sufferers also need to supply iron. And studies have show that this can help achieve a normal serum level.

Dietary guidances

In diet aspect, patients also need to avoid drinking coffee, quit drinking and smoking, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides,they also need to follow a high-quality protein, eat less high fat,high cholesterol foods and so on.

Restless leg syndrome with dialysis in stage 4 kidney failure patients deserves enough attention, anything unclear, please send email to immediately.

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