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FSGS in Stage 4 Kidney Failure: Mood Swing and Depression

2014-02-13 01:11

FSGS, a kidney disorder featured by scarring in the glomeruli. As the illness progresses, discomforts like mood swing and depression may occur, here, we will introduce this condition in stage 4 kidney failure:

Causes of mood swing and depression for FSGS in stage 4 kidney failure

Generally, people with FSGS in stage 4 kidney failure may be plagued by protein in urine, hematuria, high blood pressure, edema, etc. To control the condition, some doctors may suggest sufferers with some steroids drugs. Luckily, these medications indeed play roles in alleviating the symptoms, however, long-term usage of steroid therapy will affect the adrenal system and lead to some side effects, for instance, mood swing, depression, moon shaped face and so on.

In addition, the high recurrence rate of this disorder may bring patients with huge psychological burden, and this is another cause of mood swing and depression.

Are there some effective treatments for FSGS in stage 4 kidney failure?

To treat FSGS in stage 4 kidney failure effectively, the core of treatment should focus on repairing the injured kidney structures and restoring kidney function.

Frankly speaking, a newly created treatment named Hot Compress Therapy can be such a good choice, which is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and advanced medical treatment.

By improving blood circulation, anti-inflammation response, anti-coagulation, providing active substances for the diseased kidneys, kidney function will be enhanced and original qi restored, which can not be done by taking simply western medicines.

In addition to this, this natural therapy will not cause any side effects to the body. If patients feel bored, they can also listen to some music to relax themselves. By taking treatments early, the life quality will be improved and dialysis avoided.

If you happen to be person with FSGS in stage 4 kidney failure and wanna to get more information, please email to And we are always here to help.

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