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Can Dialysis Relieve Nausea and Vomiting in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2014-04-16 22:47

Can Dialysis Relieve Nausea and Vomiting in Stage 4 Kidney FailureAre you suffering from nausea and vomiting in stage 4 kidney failure? Can dialysis relieve this symptom? Is there other natural treatments?

Is dialysis effective to nausea and vomiting?

Kidney function losses with the progression of the disease. When it progresses into stage 4 kidney failure, kidney function is severely damaged. Kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood by removing the toxins out of the body. But when kidneys are failed, the glomerular filtration rate will be lowered. As a result, the toxins will accumulate in blood, causing a lot of troubles. If they stimulate the intestinal tract, nausea and vomiting will occur.

In most cases, dialysis will be used to discharge the toxins instead of kidneys. It is effective to some extent. However, it is not the basic solution because once you stop dialysis, the toxins will build up in blood again.

Natural treatments for nausea and vomiting in stage 4 kidney failure.

Hot Compress Therapy.

This therapy is an externally used Chinese therapy. Based on more than twenty years’ experience and practice, this therapy shows good effects on dealing with kidney disease. It aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and restoring the healthy qi. Once kidney function is improved, the toxins will be discharged naturally. So nausea and vomiting will be greatly relieved.


There are a set of systematic TCM in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, China. Based on the comprehensive and accurate diagnosis, the kidney health team will arrange you different therapies, including enema, oral Chinese medicine, foot bath, medicated bath, etc, which are effective in discharging the toxins. If you have any interests, you can send me to for consultation. All the natural treatments cannot only relieve symptoms, but also improve kidney function in stage 4 kidney failure. You can leave a message below to learn more about them.

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