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Wanna Give up Dialysis in Stage 4 Kidney Failure: Is There Any Suggestion

2014-04-19 20:14

Wanna give up dialysis in stage 4 kidney failure? Worried about there is no other method to help sustain your life? There are some suggestions for you if you are troubled by this idea also.

Suggestion 1. Do not give up dialysis before you find other alternatives.

Dialysis is the commonly used medical method for stage 4 kidney failure. In stage 4 kidney failure, your severely damaged kidney function is no longer able to sustain your life. So dialysis is used to help kidney finish some jobs. It is considered to be able to discharge some of the toxins and extra water as well as electrolyte in blood to sustain life. However, many people are tired of it because it is troublesome. The side-effects it brings are the big troubles.

Even in this condition, you can not give up dialysis because once dialysis is stopped, you will die of high level of toxins and other complications within weeks or even days.

Suggestion 2. You can give up dialysis on the condition of finding other alternatives.

It does not mean that you will be accompanied by dialysis for the rest of your life. It can be stopped as long as you find other curative treatments, the treatment that can help you get rid of dialysis gradually.

Is such a treatment exists? In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, there are many offers. They are designed for repairing the damaged kidney cells, restoring the original kidney structure and improving kidney function. On the basis of accurate and comprehensive diagnosis, the kidney experts will arrange you a personal treatment plan, a systematic treatments, such as blood pollution therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, circle therapy, enema, oral Chinese medicine, etc. You will be treated by one of several therapies according to your specific illness condition. At last, your kidney function will be improved and your kidneys will go back to work again. So you can get rid of dialysis gradually.

If you really want to give up dialysis in stage 4 kidney failure, do find the alternatives firstly. I believe that your life without dialysis will be more wonderful. Any questions? Send me an email to for detailed consultation.

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