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Stage 4 Kidney Failure with 16% Kidney Function: How Long Can You Live without Dialysis

2014-04-30 17:53

In stage 4 kidney failure, kidney function is severely damaged. 16% kidney function denotes that dialysis is impendent. With dialysis, you can continue your life. But what if dialysis is not taken? How long can you live without dialysis in stage 4 kidney failure with 16% kidney function?

Dialysis is supposed to take when the remaining kidney function is no more than 15% or you have obvious symptoms. Dialysis can help damaged kidneys discharge the extra toxins and electrolyte as well as excessive water in blood. Without dialysis, the high level of toxins are not able to be discharged. You will develop many complications, which will threaten your life. If kidney function continue to decline, and there is no urine, you will die in the near further.

However, there is still possibility for you to live long if kidney function is improved. Then how to improve kidney function? As a matter of fact, dialysis is not that treatment that can improve kidney function. It is just the medical method for the temporary. If you want to live much longer and healthier, you should seek for other alternatives.

Hot Compress Therapy is suggested to take to enhance kidney function. Being used externally, this therapy is safe and convenient. It can repair the damaged kidney cells and restore the healthy qi and original kidney structure. Thus kidney function will be improved day by day. Naturally, toxins will be discharged and other complications will be brought under control. So you will live as the normal people does.

How long can you live mainly depends on the treatment you take and how you take care of your kidneys. If you want to live longer, you should try the treatment that can solve the basic problem. If you want to learn more, you can send an email to for personal consultation.

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