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What Is the Best Treatment for Stage 4 Kidney Failure with Low Back Pain

2014-07-03 18:02

Low back pain is a common symptom of kidney failure, especially PKD, renal cyst, kidney stone, acute nephritis, and kidney infection. When kidney failure worsens into stage 4 kidney failure, all the symptoms will aggravate. What is the best treatment for stage 4 kidney failure with low back pain?

Compared to western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has more obvious effect in treating kidney disease. Because western medicine just can control the symptoms of kidney failure and cannot repair the damaged kidneys, while, TCM can treat the disease from root.

In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have effective natural treatments for stage 4 kidney failure and low back pain. If you want to avoid dialysis, you can try our treatments. Have interests? Send your test report to, and we will choose the best treatment for you according to your individual condition.

Now, we will introduce you our innovative therapies for kidney failure.

Firstly, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

This therapy can treat your kidney failure through expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulation and degrading the renal fibrosis. After the above processes, your damaged kidneys will be repaired gradually, and your renal function will get improved. What is more, this therapy is proved to be safe, effective and convenient.

Secondly, foot bath.

Foot bath is one of our natural treatments. For normal people, we can benefit a lot from it, and for the patients with kidney failure and low back pain, they also can receive many benefits from it. The effects of foot bath have: improving blood circulation, relieving tiredness and weakness, promoting metabolic functions, regulating blood pressure, improving immunity and improving sleep quality.

Besides, our natural treatments also have medicated bath, cupping therapy, acupuncture, Immunotherapy and so on. They can treat your disease from root and improve your immunity. After our treatment, your low back pain will disappear.

Now, what is t he best treatment for stage 4 kidney failure with low back pain? After our treatment, you will have the answer. Any questions, chat with our online doctor for free advice.

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