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28% Kidney Function: Prognosis and Improvement

2013-05-03 11:57

28% Kidney Function: Prognosis and Improvement28% kidney function means large part of kidney function has lost and patients’ kidney disease develops stage 4. How about the prognosis and improvement of 28% kidney function? The sufferers are eager to find out the answer.

Even though some people have the same level of kidney function, they still have different prognosis. The reason is that kidney function isn’t the only factor that can affect their prognosis and life expectancy. Control of complications and treatments can also determine whether people with 28% kidney function can enjoy a good prognosis.

Complication control is an important step to keep kidneys from worsening.

We know high blood pressure and proteinuria are two most common symptoms in kidney disease especially end-stage kidney disease. If left controlled, both of them can cause further kidney damage and worsen patients’ condition. Fortunately, scientific diet, healthy lifestyle and correct medicines can help most patients control them very well. However, in some cases, the high blood pressure is difficult to lower. If you are suffering from refractory hypertension, you had better consult the kidney experts online to find out some more effective and systemic treatments.

Kidney function improvement

People with 15% or less kidney function are usually recommended to start dialysis. Therefore, if patients’ kidney function continues to decline, they may have to begin dialysis in the near future. In view of this, this step is the key to reverse their condition and prolong their life span. Now, some herbal medicines are launched and used commonly in clinic to help repair the damaged kidney tissues and prompt the regeneration of new tissues.

Some patients may doubt these medicines’ effect and safety. Don’t worry! All of these medicines have been proven to have such a great benefit and high safety through many times of test. Now, more and more patients would like to use these natural medicines to improve their kidney function and live healthier.

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