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Seven Kinds Of Symptoms Can Not Be Easily Found By Kidney Failure

2018-09-16 10:03

Kidney Failure,Symptoms1. Anemia

Renal failure leads to a decrease in erythropoietin, resulting in fatigue and other anaemia symptoms.

2. Fracture

Renal failure leads to a decrease in active vitamin D3 that regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and patients tend to fracture.

3. Hypoglycemia

When the kidneys fail to inactivate insulin effectively in kidney failure, some diabetic patients with high blood sugar will develop hypoglycemic symptoms.

4. Male "feminine"

The kidney fails to inactivate estrogen in the body during renal failure, and many men suffer from female symptoms such as enlarged breasts and reduced hairs.

5. Nosebleed

Renal failure leads to a decrease in coagulation function, resulting in frequent nosebleeds.

6. Heart failure

Toxins and acidosis in patients with renal failure inhibit the contraction and relaxation of cardiac myocytes and induce heart failure.

7. Uremic encephalopathy

Patients with Kidney Failure due to the toxicity of the body can not be removed, resulting in damage to the central nervous system, resulting in hallucinations, convulsions, epilepsy, aphasia and other symptoms.

If the patient has the above symptoms, to combine with other related symptoms carefully identified, if the examination is suspected to be related to kidney disease, the simplest way is to do a routine urine test, if necessary, under the guidance of a doctor to do kidney function tests, to prevent the disease in the future.

In addition, it is necessary to be a conscientious person in life. At the same time of anemia, whether there is edema (edema of the kidney will appear in the morning, eyelid edema), whether there is a bubble during urination and a long period of dispersion (possibly caused by excessive protein in urine), urine volume reduction, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

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