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Why Chinese Herbal Medicines Can Reverse Creatinine 5.7 In Kidney Failure

2018-10-29 10:16

Reverse Creatinine 5.7,Chinese Herbal Medicines,Kidney Failure1. Through overall conditioning to improve physical fitness, enhance disease prevention and disease resistance

2. Protection of residual renal function

Although uremic patients have entered the final stage of renal failure, there are still 5% - 15% of residual renal function, and this area of 5% - 15% is very important, can help patients discharge part of the water, toxins, thus greatly reducing the harm of acute complications of uremia to patients, the amount of dependence on dialysis dehydration can also be achieved.

Some scientific experiments and clinical studies have confirmed that traditional Chinese medicine has a better role in protecting residual renal function. Rational treatment and health care of traditional Chinese medicine can significantly alleviate the loss of residual renal function in uremic patients and bring benefits to the long-term health of patients.

3. Promote the full excretion of toxins.

There are many kinds of toxins in uremia, dialysis treatment can only partly replace the normal kidney function of the human body, so long as it can promote the full discharge of toxins in patients, it will bring value to the health of patients. Chinese medicine can promote excretion from a variety of ways.

At present, researchers have found that the human body through sweating, vomiting, defecation methods can naturally eliminate a lot of toxins in the body, so through traditional Chinese medicine treatment, make uremic patients reasonable sweating, increase stool excretion, and even if necessary emetic, can speed up the overall excretion of toxins in patients, thereby Improve the overall condition of patients and improve the comprehensive efficacy of treatment.

4. Regulating endocrine function

Due to the long-term erosion of toxins and metabolic disorders, the endocrine function of uremic patients is also seriously damaged. Endocrine disorders often bring about a variety of diseases, making the lives of patients more seriously affected. Because of the complexity of the disease and low organ function, many effective western medicine to regulate endocrine is often difficult to use in place, so Chinese medicine is often a better choice.

So creatinine 5.7 can be reduced in kidney failure, and patients can have a longer and better life.

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