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Three Tips Help Improve Kidney Functions In Kidney Failure

2019-02-19 10:32

Improve Kidney Functions,Kidney Failure,The kidney is both strong and fragile. The strength lies in that every kidney has one million kidney units every day to "clean" the body and ensure good health. The vulnerability lies in the fact that once the kidney is damaged, these cells can not recover after fibrosis and sclerosis, the kidney function decreases, the accumulation of toxins in the body causes inflammation, resulting in kidney disease and even fatal renal failure and uremia.

Faced with such a fragile kidney, Kidney Disease patients should always pay attention to the protection of renal function, away from those kidney injury behavior.

Eating some protein-rich foods uncontrollably can easily lead to overnutrition, increase the burden of kidney and increase the leakage of proteinuria, which is not conducive to kidney protection. In addition, eating too salty can also lead to retention of sodium and water, causing edema, and is not conducive to protein reduction, delay renal function.

Some drugs protect the kidney, but some drugs are clear kidney injury, such as antibiotics, analgesics. Kidney disease patients should try to minimize the risk of kidney exposure to drugs, that is to say, in the course of treatment, they should strictly follow the doctor's instructions, not use drugs arbitrarily by themselves, and treat them with the best medication scheme.

Keeping away from these kidney-injuring behaviors and mastering more Kidney-Protecting techniques can also help kidney disease patients delay kidney failure and reduce the risk of uremia.

What are the Three tips help improve kidney functions in kidney failure?

1. Pay attention to renal function

The development of kidney disease is hidden, so in order to avoid the deterioration of the disease, it is difficult to find out. Kidney friends should keep an eye on your kidney function, one of the means is to review. If you insist on reviewing at least once a year, you can greatly reduce the risk of recurrent renal failure. If you have time time, it's better to check it once a month, and it's more secure.

2. Controlling complications

After the development of nephropathy to the later stage, besides the nephropathy itself, it is difficult to control complications. Therefore, Shenyou must pay attention to the prevention and treatment of complications, including anemia, hypertension, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphorus and so on. Regular review of relevant indicators is the key, but pay attention to their own symptoms, such as dizziness to be vigilant against hypertension, anemia and so on.

3. Proper Exercise to Relieve Kidney Ischemia and Hypoxia

The maintenance of kidneys, not only pay attention to rest, light diet, but also appropriate exercise. The advantage of exercise is that it can accelerate the metabolism and blood circulation of the body. When the kidney can not play the role of regulating metabolism independently, the kidney disease patietns should actively drive the blood circulation in the body through external forces to enhance the blood oxygen supply in the kidney, which is also very beneficial to the recovery of kidney function.

In China, most of patients take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to help repair damaged kidney for treating Kidney Failure.

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