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Symptoms of Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2013-07-22 10:48

Chronic Kidney Disease is marked by progressive loss of kidney function which can cause various symptoms. It is divided into 5 stages according to the residual kidney function. Generally speaking, when the illness condition is progressed into stage 4, patients have to prepare to do dialysis or kidney transplant to extend their life. Well then, what general symptoms do the patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease experience?

1. Urination changes

In stage 4, the patients will also experience the urination changes of stage 3 and only they might become more serious. The patients will visit the washroom frequently at night and they will urinate more or much less abnormally. The color of urination become dark orange, brown or tea colored if there is blood. Foamy or bubbly urination will occur. That is because kidneys are severely damaged that the glomeruli can not prevent proteins to pass through and the proteins may leak into the urination.

2. Swelling or edema

Swelling is another visible symptom of CKD stage 4. Damaged kidney can not excrete excessive fluid from the body, which will cause the retention of water in the body. Usually, patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease have obvious swelling or edema in the eyelids, face, legs, ankles and even the whole body. Because of this, the patients will also feel short of breath and tired.

3. Skin itchy

The kidneys lose the function to excrete excessive wastes and toxins out of the body. The accumulation of wastes will be the reason of itchy skin. Itchy skin makes the person not concentrate on one thing. What is worse, the patients have to stay awake all night to scratch their itchy skin. Besides, the patients may be allergic to some kinds of medicine and this also can cause skin itchy.

4. Nausea and vomiting

In stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, another two bothersome symptoms are nausea and vomiting

Kidneys can not excrete wastes and toxins out of the body, leading to accumulation of waste products stimulates in the body. These wastes stimulate intestinal tract, which will make patients feel sick and vomiting or nausea.

5. High blood pressure

Many patients in stage 4 CKD start to have increased blood pressure which is mainly caused by increased rennin and retention of sodium and water. With elevated blood pressure, patients need to reduce salt intake, as salt is high in sodium.

6. Anemia

As is well known to us, the kidneys have the function of secreting erythropoietin which is responsible for producing enough red blood cells. When the patients in stage 4 CKD, their kidneys lose that function to produce enough erythropoietin and this will cause anemia which is the reason why kidney disease patient often feel fatigue and tiredness.

7. Back pain or kidney pain

Back pain is a torturous symptom and usually occurs as a clinical manifestation of Polycystic Kidney Disease, Kidney Stone, and Kidney Infection and so on.

8.Bone problems

Patients with stage 4 chronic kidney disease are easy to feel bone pains and are prone to bone fracture. That is mainly due to the low levels of calcium in the blood.

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