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Muscle Cramps in Stage 5 Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatment

2013-11-13 15:44

Muscle Cramps, stage 5 kidney failureMuscle cramp is a common symptom which can happen to patients with stage 5 kidney failure. If you are suffering from it or there is someone who experiences it around you, follow us to learn about the causes and treatment for muscle cramps in stage 5 kidney failure.

Possible causes of muscle cramps in stage 5 kidney failure

-Kidney is a main organ which synthetizes active vitamin D which has the function of adjusting calcium-phosphorus metabolism and maintaining the level of calcium and phosphorus into a normal range. At stage 5 kidney failure, due to the damaged kidneys, the active vitamin D becomes insufficient, which breaks the calcium and phosphorous homeostasis. Then the calcium that intestinal tract absorbs become less and less phosphorus will be removed out of body by kidneys, thus resulting in hypocalcemia and hyperphosphatemia. When hypocalcemia happens, the excitability of neuromuscular will be increased, which causes muscle cramps. This is the most common cause of muscle cramps in stage 5 kidney failure.

-Some diuretics like Furosemide can increase the loss of calcium.

-Because of the buildup of uremia toxins in the body, the peripheral neuropathy may appear, which directly causes muscle cramps.

-At stage 5 kidney failure, metabolic disorders are commonly to happen, and this can be complicated by restless leg syndrome and then lead to muscle cramps.

Treatment for muscle cramps in stage 5 kidney failure

The proper treatment is chosen according to the cause of muscle cramps. Blood Pollution Therapy can be used to help eliminate various uremia toxins; Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy are commonly taken to repair kidney damage and recover renal function to make the kidney work normally to synthetize enough active vitamin D. No matter which aspect of information you would like to know, you can leave us a message below or email to, we will be here offering you more help.

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