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Home Remedies for Stage 5 Kidney failure with Creatinine 7.3

2013-12-17 01:19

Stage 5 kidney failure is also known as end-stage renal disease. The glomerular filtration rate declines to 15% or less at this stage, and so as to kidney function. High creatinine level is an outcome of low kidney function. Correct treatment is very important in this stage. Here I will introduce you some home remedies for stage 5 kidney failure with creatinine 7.3.

An healthy diet.

Diet is an essential treatment for stage 5 kidney failure. The diet should be planed to maintain enough nutrition and not to cause further kidney damage.

Firstly, the protein intake should be well controlled. You are suggested to limit the protein consumption to 0.6-0.8g per kilogram of every body weight. Besides, half of the protein should come from the high quality protein, such as eggs, fish, chicken and diary products.

Secondly, it is necessary to well mange the amount of sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals in your meal. Everyone has a unique diet plan. You are suggested to go to a doctor or dietitian and ask the proper diet for your condition. You can also send your medical report to for a personal diet plan.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

With stage 5 kidney failure, patients are often offered with dialysis to relieve symptoms and lower high creatinine level. However, dialysis will bring a series of complications, some of which are life-threatening.

Therefore, some natural remedies attracts much attention. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is an effective therapy for kidney disease. This therapy is a combination of an advanced osmosis machine and the traditional Chinese medicine. Different from the orally taken herbs, this therapy is externally used. So you can take this therapy at home. The personal-made herbs will be permeated into kidneys with the osmosis device. The herbs will take effect on kidneys and repair the damaged kidney cells by dilating blood vessels, providing nutritions to kidneys, degrading extracellular matrix, anti-inflammation and anti-coagulation.

The damaged kidney cells can be repaired and kidney function can be improved through this process. As a result, creatinine 7.3 can be lowered. If you want to know detailed information about how this therapy functions and its effectiveness, you can contact the online doctor, he is ready to help you!

The home remedies for stage 5 kidney failure with creatinine 7.3 are not all included in this article. If you want to know more, you can leave a message below! The kidney doctor will reply in 24 hours! Good luck to you!

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