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Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 8.3: Can You Live without Dialysis

2014-03-15 01:54

Dialysis is considered to be one of the replacement treatments for kidney failure. It is regarded as a artificial kidney. But nobody wants to do dialysis. If you are a kidney patient, you must be agree with me. Then can you live without dialysis if you are attacked by stage 5 kidney failure with creatinine 8.3?

Stage 5 kidney failure is also known as the last stage of kidney disease. The remaining kidney function is no more than 15%. Creatinine 8.3 is a result of kidney damage. Why dialysis will be applied to kidney patients? What is the function of dialysis?

Dialysis is used to discharge the toxins and extra water in blood and help keep balance of electrolyte. Usually, when the creatinine level reaches 8.3, dialysis will be applied. But you should make clear that dialysis is not only solution to high creatinine and to kidney failure. You can live well without dialysis if you find the correct treatment.

What treatment can help sustain your life? Here Hot Compress Therapy is suggested. This therapy is better than dialysis. This is because it can treat kidney disease without damaging kidney function. This therapy is an external application of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The effective herbs will be applied on Shenshu acupoints, from where the herbs will be permeated into kidneys.

The active ingredients will repair the damaged kidney cells by promoting the blood circulation, discharging the pathogenic toxins and restoring the healthy qi. You can see obvious improvements after taking it several times. The urine volume will be increased, creatinine 8.3 will be lowered, symptoms like itchy skin, ammonia taste in mouth, nausea and vomit will be relieved.

Dialysis is not the only choice for you in stage 5 kidney failure. If you want to know more information about kidney health and the treatments, you can contact me by sending an email to or leave a message below. I will give you a reply as soon as possible!

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