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Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Nausea and Vomit

2014-03-30 16:44

Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Nausea and Vomit  There are a lot to suffer in stage 5 kidney failure. Nausea and vomit is one of symptoms. How to deal with nausea and vomit in stage 5 kidney failure?

Stage 5 kidney failure is regarded as the last stage of kidney disease. In this stage, the kidney function left is less than 15%. This low kidney function can not afford kidneys sustain the normal work. Our body will be in disorder, presenting as a series of symptoms and complications. Kidneys are responsible for filtering the metabolic waste and toxins in blood. When kidneys are failed, the metabolic waste and toxins will accumulate in blood. Urea is one of the waste products, which is supposed to be discharged by kidneys. When they pass through the intestinal tract, they will be decomposed into ammonia by urease and cause stimulation to the intestinal tract. This is the main cause of nausea and vomit in stage 5 kidney failure. Other factors may including acidosis, drug’s stimulation, gastritis and so on.

Then how to deal with nausea and vomit?

One medial method is to use dialysis, the artificial kidney to remove the toxins out. It can relieve the discomfortable feeling to some extent. But at the same time, it will bring you some side-effects, which will make you more sick. Considering to this disadvantage, many people are not willing to do dialysis.

Except for dialysis, is there any other choice for stage 5 kidney failure? Of course there is. Hot Compress Therapy is recommended. The herbs that can eliminate the toxins and recover the original qi will be applied on the Shenshu acupoints. With the help of an osmosis device, the herbs will be permeated into kidney cells. Not only the toxins will be discharged, the kidney function can be improved. Therefore, the nausea and vomit in stage 5 kidney failure will be relieved. Wanna get to know this therapy in detail? Send me an email to or leave a message below, I will give you a reply as soon as possible!

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