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Why Would a Patient in End-Stage Renal Disease Need Iron and Folic Acid

2014-05-18 18:49

Why Would a Patient in End-Stage Renal Disease Need Iron and Folic AcidA patient in end-stage renal disease often is recommended to eat more iron and folic acid. But they do not know the reason. Why would a patient in end-stage renal disease need iron and folic acid? Next, this article will give you the answer. Please see the following.

Folic acid refers to vitamin B, especially vitamin B9 which is essential for numerous bodily functions. It is an essential part of the generation of red blood cells. So if we lack of folic acid, we may cause anemia. But our body can not synthesize folic acid, so we just need to supply it through our daily diet.

While, for a patient in end-stage renal disease, anemia is one of the common complications. Because the patients’ kidney functions are almost all lost, they can not generate enough erythrogenin that is an important material to generate red blood cells. Also, the life time of the red blood cells can reduce obviously for the patients in end-stage renal disease. Besides, the patients have a tendency to bleeding, which also can cause the lack of folic acid and iron.

Iron also plays an important role in our body, for example, it participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin. And lack of iron also can cause anemia. Besides, studies show that iron can improve our immunity and enhance the phagocytosis of phagocytic cells and neutrophils, but also can strengthen body's ability to fight infection. But due to the patients in end-stage renal disease are so weak, and have many serious complications, such as anemia, malnutrition, etc, which is also the main reason why a patient in end-stage renal disease need iron and folic acid.

In addition, in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can tone your body from inside. And the Micro-Chinese Medicine is rich in iron and folic acid, which can supply the patients’ need.

Now, you should have a knowledge about why a patient in end-stage renal disease need iron and folic acid, if you have interest about our treatments, you can send an email to Best wishes!

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