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How to Take Care of the Patients with Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2014-07-01 17:54

As the renal function declines and the illness condition aggravates, what the patients’ loss is not only the physical health, but also mental health. Once the patients know that they are diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure, they will have a great psychological pressure, if not effectively persuasion, their illness will worsen seriously. While, how to take care of the patients with stage 5 kidney failure?

In order to let the patients live more relaxed, we need to take care of them from all aspects, such as mentality, diet, skin, mouth and illness observation. Next, we will introduce you how to take care of the patients with stage 5 kidney failure in detail.

1. Mental nursing.

For some patients, mental nursing maybe the most important. Because a good mood and positive attitude is good to control their diseases, while, negative attitude just can aggravate disease. Due to the disease and pressure, the patients with stage 5 kidney failure may be depressed, stressful, emotional, which can raise blood pressure and aggravate the disease. Thus, families of the patients need to adjust themselves mentality and help the patients adjust mental attitudes. Only the family can help the patients overcome fear and set up defeats disease’s confidence.

2. Diet nursing.

The diet principle of the patients is low-salt, low-potassium, low-phosphorus, low but high quality protein, high vitamin and high fiber. So the families need to pay attention to the patients’ diet. If the patients have the symptoms of edema or oliguria, they need to limit their water intake.

3. Skin nursing.

The patients usually can experience itchy skin, but they can not rub or stretch skin in order to avoid infection, so they need their family to help them scrub skin with warm water.

4. Mouth nursing.

Due to mouth odor of ammonia that is easy to cause stomatitis, the patients need to pay attention to mouth health.

Besides, the patients with stage 5 kidney failure also need to check regularly and pay attention to the change of illness condition. Now, you should understand that how to take care of the patients with stage 5 kidney failure. If you want to know about the effective treatments except dialysis and transplant, you are welcome to send an email to

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