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How to Control High Blood Pressure Well in Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2014-07-15 17:20

For the patients with kidney disease, high blood pressure is more dangerous for them than other symptoms, especially for stage 5 kidney failure. If high blood pressure cannot be controlled well, it may become threatening for the patients with stage 5 kidney failure. In order to prevent this condition, how to control high blood pressure well in stage 5 kidney failure?

How to lower high blood pressure in daily life for the patients with stage 5 kidney failure?

1. Keep a healthy diet.

Lowering your daily intake of salt can help you lower high blood pressure can reduce the burden of kidneys. According to your condition, you have to eat salt less than 3g even none.

2. No smoking.

Smoking can aggravate kidney damage and rise blood pressure, what is worse, the combination of smoking and high blood pressure can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

3. Loose weight.

If your weight is over than the healthy range, loosing weight can help you lower your high blood pressure and protect other organs.

4. Proper exercise.

Though you are suffering from high blood pressure in stage 5 kidney failure, proper exercise also can help you lower high blood pressure and build up your immunity.

What medicines or treatments are effective for high blood pressure in stage 5 kidney failure?

ACEI and ARB are the common medicines to lower high blood pressure, and they are also suitable for the patients with stage 5 kidney failure. Besides, kidneys have the function of adjusting blood pressure, so improving the kidney function can help correct high blood pressure. What treatments can repair the kidney damage and improve renal function? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy are effective to treat kidney failure. So you can send an email to to know more about them, and early treatment can help you keep your life from danger.

How to control high blood pressure well in stage 5 kidney failure? You can from the above two sides to do it. Any questions, you can consult our online kidney doctors or leave a message below, and we will answer you asap.

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