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Is There An Effective Treatment for FSGS and Stage 5 Kidney Failure

2014-09-12 11:56

Is there an effective for FSGS and stage 5 kidney failure? This question concerns many people who are eager to know the answer. In fact, FSGS really is very difficult to be treated, let alone the stage 5 kidney failure. However, do not give up hope, as the medical technology develops, many new treatments have been created for the disease.

The conventional treatments for FSGS and stage 5 kidney failure are Dialysis and kidney transplant. While they also have many disadvantages through clinical applications. First of all, dialysis cannot treat it effectively, though it can control its symptoms quickly. And long-term dialysis also can lead to the total loss of renal function. Besides, kidney transplant is regarded as the best treatments, but the recurrence rate for FSGS patients is very high. Thus, if not emergency, you are not recommended to receive kidney transplant.

Now, we will give you a surprise, and hope you can pay attention to the following article. In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we have innovative and effective treatments for FSGS and stage 5 kidney failure, such as Immunotherapy and Blood purification therapy. They can treat your disease from the inside out.

First, Immunotherapy aims at enhancing and rebuilding your immunity through many methods. Among these methods, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also can be used to promote your blood circulation and prevent blood stasis. Besides, it also can repair your damaged kidney and improve your renal function. While, the polluted blood also is a big problem, thus, Blood purification therapy is a good choice for you. It concludes six steps, and can eliminate all kinds of toxins from your body, including creatinine, BUN, inflammatory medium, endotoxin, immune complexes and so on. Through the combination of Immunotherapy and Blood purification therapy, your FSGS and stage 5 kidney failure can be controlled quickly, and help you live a longer and better life.

In conclusion, we can help you avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, what is more, the effect of our treatments is better than the conventional treatments. If you want to know our treatments, you are welcome to leave a message below or chat with our online doctors. One more point, active and positive attitude is good for you.

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