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Can Dialysis Cure Stage 5 Renal Failure

2013-04-15 12:11

Can Dialysis Cure Stage 5 Renal FailureIn stage 5 renal failure, also called end stage kidney disease, kidneys function at only below 15% of their normal capacity so that they can’t do their job effectively. Then, people with stage 5 renal failure have to rely on dialysis to live if no matched kidney donor. Can dialysis cure stage 5 renal failure? Many patients faced by the coming dialysis must want to know the answer.

Dialysis has successfully helped many advanced kidney disease patients prolong their life expectancy. Does this mean dialysis cures their disease? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The reason is that for people with stage 5 renal failure, dialysis is just a kidney replacement treatment rather than a kidney repairing treatment. Generally, it can help remove small molecular substances including creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN). urea acid and water from the body, but it can’t keep the balance of electrolyte and make some hormones like EPO. As a result, the longer most people with stage 5 renal failure on dialysis, the weaker they are.

However, even though long-term dialysis may produce many side effects, patients can’t miss any dialysis treatment if their kidney function is still very low. From this analysis, we can know kidney function increase is a must to improve stage 5 renal failure patients’ overall health or even make them avoid dialysis or further dialysis. The exact time when these patients can live without dialysis is decided by their own condition. According to American Kidney Foundation guidelines, kidney disease patients usually don’t need dialysis unless their kidney function is below 15%. This means when their kidney function increases to more than 15% and maintain stable. They can avoid dialysis completely.

Now, we can know even though dialysis can’t cure stage 5 renal failure, but it is still possible for them to live a healthier life with the treatment to improve their kidney function. If any confusion, you can consult us or leave a message.

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