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How Long Can My 10% Kidney Function Last

2013-04-16 15:10

How Long Can My 10% Kidney Function LastAt my last test, I had about 10% kidney function left, but I haven’t started dialysis yet. My kidney function has gone from 50% several years ago to the 10% now. It went fairly steadily down from 50% to 10%, but it’s been stable around 10% for about three months now. How long can my kidney function last? Is it possible to increase my kidney function?

Generally, the kidney function reflects how the kidneys are working. According to American Kidney Foundation guidelines people whose kidney function is lower than 15% have to start dialysis to maintain their basic life. 10% is lower than 15%, so it means your condition has developed end-stage kidney failure. If you don’t want to live with dialysis, the only method is to improve your kidney function, otherwise, the build up of wastes and toxins and some severe complications may threaten your life.

In the clinical, the kidney function decline is due to the kidney damage caused by poor blood and oxygen supply to kidney cells. In this progression, some kidney tissues are necrotic while some others are just damaged. To help patients improve their kidney function, what we can do is just to repair the kidney tissues that are just damaged. Fortunately, some treatments indeed can help these patients to transport more blood and nutrition to the damaged kidney cells so as to improve their kidney function. To make sure you accept correct treatment, you are recommended to make the doctor know your medical condition in detail and then they can help you make a treatment plan.

Once your kidney function increases, you can find your life quality is improved largely. Don’t give up, no matter what problems you are faced by. We are always here to help you fight against your disease.

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