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How To Beware Of Uremia During Pregnancy

2018-07-26 15:51

Beware Of Uremia,PregnancyCore Tips: pregnancy is a very special period, the physical structure of women and the physiological changes of women during pregnancy can be the inducement of nephrosis. The rapid decline in body resistance during pregnancy provides convenience of the invasion of all kinds of bacteria and viruses, which is easy to cause kidney disease. And with time going by, the illness conditions are worse than before.

In the pregnancy period, supplying the growth of baby that the burden to kidney is increasing. If you have chronic kidney disease before pregnancy, the workload on kidney is worse that it will cause ischemia and hypoxia to aggravate the kidney damage and renal vascular sclerosis, hence, kidney functions decrease a lot.

For chronic kidney disease patients, pregnancy patients is easy to develop into uremia stage quickly.

A part of women found kidney disease during pregnancy stage.

The rate of eclampsia in women kidney disease patients is high, and the illness conditions are worse, so the incidence of stillbirths is also high.

Experts suggest: obvious symptoms are in kidney disease patients that you has better avoid pregnancy. That is not say, kidney disease patients can not pregnancy. In some conditions, patients can take pregnancy. For example, patients with acute nephritis had no recurrence for more than 1 years; occult nephritis was observed for 2 years and the patients were more stable; all kinds of primary and secondary renal diseases had no clinical manifestation, and the blood pressure and renal function were normal.

What tips should pregnancy patients do?

Chronic renal nephritis patients should have a good rest, stable mood, avoid cold and infection. Take high quality protein, rich vitamin food. Do test such as, urinary protein, blood pressure and renal function. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is best to observe the condition changes in hospital. The following conditions should be terminated pregnancy: urine protein + +: and accompanied by edema; blood pressure in 20 / 13. More than 5Kpa (150 / 100mmHg), taking antihypertensive drugs can not be reduced to the normal range; various glomerular function tests and abnormal renal tubular function tests are abnormal. Therefore, for pregnant women with chronic kidney disease, we should take a responsible attitude towards pregnancy. For patients with kidney disease after pregnancy, they should take a positive attitude and pay close attention to treatment.

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