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Three Ways Help You Far Away CKD 5 Stage To Avoid Dialysis

2019-03-03 13:45

Far Away CKD 5,Avoid Dialysis,CKD 5The quality of renal function determines the final outcome of treatment. In addition, some key symptoms have a greater impact on the progress of renal function. Sometimes Kidney Disease patients only pay attention to a single index, think that these indicators recover the condition is completely good, once the recurrence is very distressing, there is a one-sided treatment misunderstanding.

Overall, if nephropathy treatment meets three criteria, it means that the condition is stable and there is no risk of uremia:

1. The immunity is relatively stable and the risk of recurrence is low.

Although the pathogenesis of nephropathy is complex, it is ultimately a problem of the immune system. The damage of kidney function leads to cell damage, necrosis, immunity decline, and the use of hormones and immunosuppressive drugs leads to worse immunity. This increases the probability of infection and recurrence, and is also the cause of repeated recurrence and deterioration of the disease.

To avoid the recurrence and deterioration of the disease, we should pay attention to the protection of immune system and the situation of immunoglobulin and complement. Attention should be paid to the prevention of infection in daily life, reasonable diet and proper exercise can improve immunity. If necessary, immunoglobulin or vaccination can be injected to prevent infection. If your immunity is stable, it also means that the risk of deterioration is low, so don't worry too much about kidney failure.

2. Renal function tends to be stable and the risk of deterioration is low.

The key indicator of renal function is glomerular filtration rate (GFR). When the GFR is below 60 ml/min, the disease progresses to the stage of renal insufficiency, i.e. stage 3 of nephropathy. This stage is the key stage of nephropathy treatment, but also a turning point. After the occurrence of renal insufficiency, patients often begin to have a variety of complications, including hypertension, hyperkalemia, anemia and so on. Renal function is progressing at a faster rate. To avoid renal failure, it is necessary to maintain the stability of renal function as far as possible.

On the one hand, timely prevention and treatment of various complications, especially hypertension patients take antihypertensive drugs in time, anemia patients injected with erythropoietin in order to avoid low immunity caused by infection. On the other hand, we should also pay attention to the repair of renal function and the excretion of toxins.

Early symptoms such as proteinuria should be well controlled. We can increase the excretion of toxins by combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, reduce the burden of kidneys, and create a better environment for the recovery of kidneys.

3. Stable mentality and active treatment.

Kidney disease course is long, treatment time is long. Kidney friends need to spend more patience to receive treatment, and even take medicine for life. This is a test for many Kidney Friends. Therefore, in addition to maintaining physical health, mental health is also important. Patients with good mental state are more willing to actively communicate with doctors and seek treatment methods, which is also beneficial to the recovery of the disease.

If you meet these three criteria, congratulations, the condition is not so bad. For proteinuria and serum creatinine, one more point:

Although proteinuria and serum creatinine are important indicators of renal function and even disease.

First of all, renal function can not be reversed after damage. The amount of protein leakage is directly related to the quality of renal function. Therefore, it is unrealistic to completely restore proteinuria. If we take immunosuppressive drugs excessively, it will lead to the decline of immunity and infection.

Secondly, serum creatinine is also a product of impaired renal function. High creatinine represents more toxins in the body. Timely regulation of blood circulation and acceleration of toxin metabolism also contribute to the recovery of renal function.

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