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Do 4 Tips Well Help You Far Away From End Stage Renal Disease

2019-03-05 14:06

End Stage Renal Disease,The results of nephropathy treatment are often different. Some patients get better after long-term patient treatment and their renal function is relatively stable, but some nephrophilia is difficult to control and eventually develop to the stage of renal failure or even uremia.

The reasons mainly include two aspects, congenital conditions and acquired efforts. Some Kidney disease patients are born with good physical condition and pathological type, so it is easier to treat them. The result of treatment will be better naturally. On the contrary, the condition will only get worse and worse.

These four types of nephropathy patients, the general condition is not too bad, I hope you can seize the opportunity:

1. Patients without family history of nephropathy

Although nephropathy is not a hereditary disease, if the direct relatives have a history of nephropathy, such people not only have a high incidence of nephropathy, but also have poor pathological types, such as diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy and so on. However, patients without family history of nephropathy are often primary nephropathy such as glomerulonephritis, which is relatively easy to treat, and the risk of progression to renal failure is low.

Nephropathy has family aggregation. On the one hand, it is a genetic problem, on the other hand, it is related to the similarity of daily living habits and dietary habits. Therefore, nephropathy friends should pay attention to these two aspects.

2. Patients who adhere to follow-up

Some Kidney disease patients do not insist on taking medicine and going to the hospital for examination and treatment after they get better. Nephropathy is different from cold and fever. The surface looks better, but in fact, renal function is not necessarily stable. Therefore, even if proteinuria, blood pressure and other indicators are stable, follow-up should be maintained. This also invests a safeguard for his illness.

Nephropathy reexamination, on the one hand, is to regularly check various indicators, including proteinuria, serum creatinine, glomerular filtration rate, creatinine clearance rate in memory, blood pressure and other key indicators. On the other hand, it is to communicate with doctors and communicate their illness and discomfort symptoms in time, so that doctors can timely adjust medication and other treatment programs, more space for treatment, more conducive to the protection of the remaining renal units. To meet the minimum needs of the human body. Even renal insufficiency and elevated serum creatinine can delay the onset of uremia.

3. Patients who adhere to good living habits

Nephropathy is a disease requiring patient self-discipline. Self-discipline is more reflected in all aspects of life. Including daily habits as well as diet, medication, examination and so on. In daily life, Kidney Friends should adhere to good work and rest, combine work and rest, help to maintain immunity and reduce infection; adhere to the dietary principle of kidney disease, help to reduce the burden of kidney, improve drug efficacy, reduce the risk of deterioration; take medicine according to doctor's advice, do not use drugs indiscriminately is the basis of stable kidney function; check is the guarantee of stable condition and reduce the recurrence rate.

In addition, Kidney Friends also need to maintain a good mentality. Although nephropathy is difficult to treat and it is a kind of physical and mental test, only positive face can overcome the disease. If you are depressed every day and have a heavy psychological burden, it will cause a decline in immunity, and is not conducive to the recovery of the disease and the stability of renal function.

4. Look at Nephropathy Correctly

The fear of nephropathy in nephropathy patients comes from uremia and dialysis life. But whether you are worried or not, it will not change the fact that kidney disease will develop to uremia, so kidney friends treat kidney disease correctly.

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